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Investing in Rental Property

Want to Make Money Investing in Rental Property?

5 Surefire Free Real Estate Investing strategies no one is telling you about

This free guide to investing in rental property will teach you:

  • How to create an ongoing income stream from owning investment houses in the next 5 years
  • Avoid the hassles and headaches of being a landlord with a specific winning strategy
  • Learn why the best type of investment rental property to own is an investment house
  • How to finance investment property when the banks won't lend
  • The best way to manage rental properties, minimize your time spent and tenant calls

Just wanted to drop a note to say THANK YOU!....I love your site and the great info. you share! It has answered many questions, I wish I had found it a lot sooner
Carl M.

key to rental investment success

Thinking about retirement but uncertain that your pension or Social Security will be there for you?

Want to build wealth?

Need to diversify your portfolio and thinking about rental property investing?

Why do some property investors make money so easily while you try everything possible and get poor deals, tenant headaches and little profits?

Now in 2014, more than ever, it is critical for you to start buying rental properties. Out of control government spending has made thoughts of retirement for many a distant dream. Job killing regulations have pushed jobs overseas. The only solution is for you to take charge of your future. When fiat currencies collapse, only hard assets such as real estate will retain their value.

The collapse of real estate prices has killed the quick flip strategy for real estate investors. However, it has made long term investing the best way to profit from owning rentals. This website contains over 100 pages of detailed information on rental property investment and is essentially a free real estate investment course that works.

Investment rental property has lots of great benefits. And the key to success is that if you own a house you already know how to get started! It's not that hard to slowly accumulate a portfolio of houses that can provide for your financial security. And if at some point, you want to make a career of real estate investing, you've covered 95% of the basics with that first rental property investment.

"Buy land, they're not making it anymore." ~ Mark Twain

But what about the crash in real estate values you might ask? Are real estate values rising or dropping? Your newspaper might be carrying articles of doom and gloom, while some real estate "guru" is telling you that now is a great time to invest.Good real estate investors are contrarian investors. When everyone else is selling, they are buying. The housing market is down and overall will continue to be down for several years. This creates a great buying opportunity to long term buy and hold investors. In fact, I predict that in 2012-2015 investments in real property will be the best chance you have of retaining and growing your wealth.

So what is the true picture of the real estate market? Neither and both. Real estate does have some general trends but it is important to understand real estate markets are very specific to location.

An important consideration to make before investing in rental property are your motives. Do you want to Get Rich Quick? Well...this is not the real estate investing website for you. I'm sure you can find lots of guru's that will sell you an expensive real estate course promising the sure path to riches. In truth, the only one getting rich will be the guru that sells you the course. But this website will help you get rich steadily over a period of a few years.

So, is now a good time to invest? It depends on the location you are investing in. However, it certainly is not a good time to buy and hope that your property will appreciate quickly and you can flip it for quick profit - unless you have lots of cash and can do a short sale.

However, it is a great time to buy rental properties for long term cash flow. Many markets have excess inventory and motivated sellers.

Other real estate investors that I meet at local Real Estate Investment Club meetings typically buy only a few rental properties.

The major reason people invest in rental properties is to have another source of income for their retirement. In fact, this is a key part of my strategy to diversify my retirement income. I don't think I can depend on the stock market to always go up or social security to alway be there (or SS may become "means" tested). Rental property investing provides a great diversification of my income streams for retirement.

So, can you get rich investing in rental property? Certainly, but it takes a lot of work and less than 5% of investors are willing to make a career out of this. For most of us, rental property investment is an attempt to develop another income stream. This is a realistic and achievable goal for everyone. Multiple streams of income protect you during economic down cycles.

The goal of this real estate investment website is to help you purchase a few properties that provide positive cash flow without the hassles that typical landlords face.

I've had over 21 years of rental property investing experience. I've made mistakes and learned what works best in both up and down markets. I'll share everything that I've learned and I am not going to charge you a cent. The key idea is to buy an investment house and use lease-purchase options to maximize rent and only rent to tenants that have an "owner mentality".

Some tips for investing in rental property include:

And many more real estate investing secrets. We'll even provide a list of real estate investing FAQ's.

So, let's get started investing in rental property!

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